Extended Warranty Information - Protect Your Car

This breed of vehicle isn't always the least expensive to work on, and sure... we all either know a guy or like to turn our own wrenches. Every once in a while there are those kinks we can't work out or jobs that may be a little too much to take on.  Let the pro's do it.  It's better than going to buy an expensive tool you may only use once or taking your car apart every weekend.  I-95 Muscle works with extended service contract providers that ensure a local certified technician will get the job done right, parts included.

We have new partner that specializes in warranties specifically for classic and high performance cars! Classic Car Protection goes back to cars as old as 1930 as long as they have a clean title and less than 775 horsepower.  With coverage as long as 10 years/40,000 miles and $0 deductibles avaialble, what else could you ask for?  You can get this coverage for an auto that you buy from us, or a vehicle you already own.

They also offer a COMPLETE coverage plan for newer vehicles with less than 80,000 miles on the odometer.  It covers everything that a manufacturer's bumper-to-bumper plan would cover, up to 100,000 or 125,000 miles.  Once again, $0 deductibles are available.  These plans are half the price you'd expect them to be and truly cover more than any other service contract/warranty company can offer.

Here is a spec sheet with a few examples of covered components at each level of coverage.