Someone out there is looking for YOUR vehicle right now. I-95 Muscle will find them.

When selling a car these days, it isn't uncommon for back-to-back low ball offers to come in.

We all know the ups and downs of selling a car around here on our own.  Everyone wants something for nothing, it's very hard to find a serious buyer, and when you do they end up bringing a motorcycle or boat that doesn't run to trade.  

Feel free to kick the messy part to the curb, and let us worry about that. While we offer finance options, we also use technology that will post your vehicle across the internet on over 100 sites for the world to see. We'll even buy someone's trade in so you can get the full amount you need for your car. Our job is to find the pool of people interested in paying top dollar for your car no matter where they are hiding.  

Our 20,000 square foot gallery is climate controlled and secure to make sure your rides stay safe.  There are 5 Hi-Def cameras in the gallery so that we can keep eyes on your vehicle 24/7.  Vehicles are displayed outside when weather permits for drive-by traffic to see.  We start them up several times a week and drive them on our private property to circulate fluids, charge the electrical system, and avoid flat spots from developing on the tires.  

Let us do the marketing and negotiating. All you have to do is pick up the check.


Here's what you'll need:

1. A vehicle titled in your name

2. An active insurance policy on your vehicle

About Your Vehicle