I-95 Muscle has formed close relationships with several local and national lenders, so we're able to offer financing rates that many other car dealers can't offer.  We aim to help you find the loan that works best for the financial plan you have in mind. Performance and Classic Cars aren't always the easiest to finance so relationships like ours come in handy securing low rates and great terms.  Apply with one of the routes below!


Financing a vehicle 2004 and older?

To apply for financing on a classic vehicle, exotic, or muscle car click the banner below to be taken to collector car lending's application page and complete the application.  This finance company requires a credit score over 600 and a loan amount larger than $10,000.


Financing a vehicle newer than 2004?

By clicking the logo below you are applying with a company called Credit Acceptance focuses on building or rebuilding credit. This finance company is going to require money down and works best with cars that are considered daily drivers.






Securing your own loan...

Some local lenders and their guidelines are listed here.  Each lending institution has their own set of rates and paramaters.