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Buy an entire EFI conversion kit from an Official FiTech Dealer

EFI conversions made easy!  FiTech Go Street EFI 400 hp systems are true carburetor replacements. And the price is a "Go" as well! Good for up to 400 hp, these 4-injector throttle bodies simply swap out your current 4-barrel carburetor for EFI performance. You don't have to mess with the ignition at all. It's too easy not to go for it.  FiTech has truly figured out these EFI conversions and make it easy for the consumer.  Select your 60 PSI fuel deliver method (3 available from FiTech) and spend a weekend modifying your car with the most rewarding upgrade on the market.

Features include:
* Self-tuning fuel injection 

* Latest Bosch 4.2 wideband O2 sensor 

* ECU is mounted on throttle body

* Handheld tuner included

* Universal base fits any 4-barrel manifold 

* Throttle linkage suits most transmissions 

* 3 fuel inlet connections 

* Voltage control fuel pump control 

* Wet flow technology 

* Swirl spray annular discharge design 

* Built-in fuel pressure regulator

* Designed for applications making at least 6 inches of vacuum at idle

* Coolant temperature sensor and electronic fan control included


The 400HP and under Go Street EFI is the entry level kit and works great with most applications, but FiTech has many other conversion kits to make sure it is the perfect match for your particular car.  Boost and NOS compatible systems are available as well as 3 different fuel supply options.

I-95 Muscle is proud to be the only Official FiTech Dealer in the area.  Consult with Kalvin or Mitch about your application and which conversion kit is right for you.  Orders come in within 10 business days and we may have a few systems in stock.  The difference between these systems and a carburetor are night and day.  It is refreshing to hop in an older car and twist the key opposed to pumping a pedal over and over again just to let your car decide if it wants to start.  These are way less expensive than an LS/Coyote swap and can be installed in a few hours with moderate automotive experience.